Turf Covers FAQ

  1. Why should I cover my greens?
  2. New ultra dwarf greens have not proven to be cold tolerant. Our covers are very effective in protecting them from winterkill.

  3. Will the cover protect against prolonged temperatures below freezing?
  4. Yes, they maybe left on the greens for seven to ten days with no problems.

  5. Can I get more playtimes using these covers properly?
  6. Yes, you can open your greens for play earlier in the day. You can open a month earlier in spring and play a month later in the fall.

  7. Why are breathable covers important?
  8. Breathability is important because it allows the free exchange of O2 and CO2 above and below the covers. It also inhibits mold growth.

  9. What is the largest single cover you sell?
  10. Normally we prefer that no single cover be over 8,000 sf because of the weight (150 lbs) and difficulty handling. Some greens may require multi covers. Two people can install two small covers faster and easier than four people can install one large cover.

  11. Can you make bigger single covers?
  12. If a larger cover is needed we will sew two smaller covers together on your site. We don’t recommend this because they become too heavy and hard to handle. Some customers have done this and later had us come back and undo it.

  13. Why hand straps instead of grommets?
  14. The hand straps are every 12 feet around the perimeter and are used by the installers to help them put covers on and off. They also serve as tie down points. Grommets pull out of the fabric damaging its integrity. The grommet doesn’t aid the installers.

  15. What comes with a set of covers?
  16. The covers with numbered tags, handles, tie-down pins, two storage straps, and with a complete set free shipping.

  17. I need a fast estimate of the cost of covers to get it approved.
  18. If you know you’re green size then add approximately 15%-20% (due to squaring of covers) and call for pricing.

  19. Do you make for fitting covers?
  20. No, we are unable to make form fitting due to complexity; all covers are rectangular.

  21. What kind of warranty doe these covers have?
  22. All covers come with a five-year warranty. We will repair them on site if needed.

  23. How long does it usually take to get covers once ordered?
  24. Before July 31 it takes about 30 days after that 45 – 60 days depending on the season.

  25. What payment terms or billing options do you have?
  26. Net 30 days, unless other arrangements are negotiated prior to ordering.

  27. Can you provide me with specifications on your covers for a bid?
  28. Yes, please call us at 256-766-2091 and we will provide you with full detailed bid specifications.

  29. How do I measure the greens?
  30. We will come measure them in case of a full set as part of making a quote. If the order is for one or two then measure the length and width and add 4 feet to each dimension.

  31. Why buy Xton Covers?
  32. We are the leading manufacture and have over 350 golf courses using our covers. They have been in use for over 13 years with no problems. We use only the highest quality materials. There are other cheaper covers but they do not match the quality or craftsmanship of Xton Covers.