Farmers Trust Xton Inc Hay Guard Covers

Xton Hay Covers are engineered to be breathable and durable. Our Hay-Gard™ Hay Covers extend the life and usability of your hay bales. When your hay bales are properly stacked in a pyramid and aligned north to south for optimal sun exposure, our hay covers shed water while maintaining breathability to protect your investment.

Xton Hay-Gard™ Hay Covers

Available Sizes: 12’ X 50’ ,  24’ X 50’ ,  30’ X 50’

With the proper use and maintenance, our Hay-Gard™ Hay Cover customers receive 10 years of use.

highly breathable

Hay-Gard™ Hay Covers are highly breathable to effectively evaporate moisture which reduces mold and hay-loss.

Save Time & Money

Hay-Gard™ Hay Covers allow you to store your hay in the field it was baled reducing labor and transportation costs.

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