Our Mission

We are focused on engineering practical and durable products for our industry partners.

Golf Green Covers

Xton Putting Green Covers are made of a woven Polypropylene material, which is a proven protective barrier against sun, wind, and harsh temperature.

Water Basin Covers

Xton Water Basin Covers are custom fitted to correspond to the particular basin being covered. All of our seams have double-folded hems.

Fan Covers

Xton Fan Covers will aid in the appearance and life of your fan when not in use. Covers come in round or square shapes to fit all types of fan models.

Cover Stakes

Xton's Golf Green Cover Stakes are made of 5/16 solid steel for strength and durability. The high visibility yellow color makes it easy to keep up with them.

Hay Guard Covers

Xton Hay Guard Covers are engineered to be breathable and durable. Our Hay-Gard™ Hay Cover products extend the life and usability of your hay bales.

Our Benefits

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Leadership Team

John Locker and Chris Kimbrough

John Locker

Founder / Engineer

John Locker founded Xton Inc in 1983. He is the company's lead designer and product engineer.


Chris Kimbrough

National Sales Director

Chris Kimbrough is the National Sales Director at Xton Inc. Chris also works with research and development to consistently improve Xton's product line.

Chris has been able to provide service as an additional attribute to compliment all products sold. This allows us to address any issues that arise in the use or application with hands on solutions.

Chris enjoys riding horses and enduro motorcycles.

Product Inquiry

We encourage you to reach out to us with your questions about our prodcuts.